Pay for Content Seamlessly

Unlock enables anyone with a crypto wallet to seamlessly buy and manage access to any kind of content.

At Unlock, we believe that the more accessible paid content is the better it will be. To do that we’re making it easy for readers like you to seamlessly pay for and manage your content.

If you want to know more about Unlock’s decentralized payment protocol check out our blog.


How do I get a wallet?
You need a web3 enabled wallet such as MetaMask for Chrome or Opera for Android.
What does it cost to use Unlock?
Unlock is free to use though you will have to pay a small transaction fee when purchasing your content. It’s usually just a few cents on top of your purchase.
What about privacy?
Unlock does not collect any personal information. Like all transactions on the the Ethereum blockchain, details about Unlock transactions are captured in its ledger in an anonymous form.

Check out our open source code on GitHub, come work with us or simply get in touch.
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